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Moms supporting moms in their journey to better mental health. We aim to create a judgment-free zone where mothers can freely share their experiences, challenges, and emotions without fear of being misunderstood or judged.
No matter what mental health issue you may be grappling with, whether it's postpartum depression, anxiety, or any other challenge, we are dedicated to offering the resources, support, and understanding that you need. Our goal is to empower mothers to prioritize their mental well-being and provide them with a supportive community that truly understands their unique struggles.

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My Story

​​​​​​​In 2016, I was freshly pregnant and severely depressed with thoughts of suicide, and I later found out I was experiencing perinatal depression. After having my child, I experienced postpartum depression and anxiety. But it didn't stop there it later turned into clinical depression several years later. During these stages of my life, I tried everything from therapy, support group, and medication. I noticed that other Mothers around me were experiencing the same mental struggles I had but weren't as fortunate to have the resources I received. It was placed on my heart to provide support for EVERY Mother no matter their financial situation, their stages in Motherhood, or the insurance they have or don't have. NMLB Mom's Mental Health LLC. was birthed because I personally believe NO MOM SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!

-Founder and CEO

Shauna Hibbler-Cooley

Brittany A.

I love how I can be real and comfortable in this group.

Shala C.

I am glad I've fallen into the routine of having this time of opening up with other mamas.

Crystal W.

NMLB has opened my eyes to see other moms/wives/women share the same emotions and struggles as me. Sometimes what makes me feel insane isn't insane you're just overwhelmed!

Support Group
Female Friends
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Virtual Support Sessions

We understand that dealing with mental health issues is no easy task, especially for moms who may feel alone in their struggles. We provide a weekly support session 2 Tuesday nights of the month at 9pm EST via Zoom.  To access the weekly Zoom links please join the private Facebook group or subscribe to our emails at the bottom of our website!

In-Person Sessions

If you prefer to attend an in-person support session and live in Charleston South Carolina, you are in luck! Subscribe at the bottom of our website today for emails with more details!

Mom Meetups

Connect with other moms outside of the mental health sessions. Self-care without the kids! Dates are posted throughout the year!

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